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Rental Management Services Included
If you wish to have your home rented and/or
managed, Please contact us at (239)353-2173
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  • Communications with Tenant.  Ensure tenant has access to contacts
    and information for utilities, local public services and warranty items.

  • Ensure compliance with local and state law--Includes application to
    county zoning and county and state tax compliance if vacation rental.

  • Communicate with Community Homes Association and ensure
    compliance with association rules.

  • Advise concerning insurance and liability requirements/options and
    provide referrals to most affordable insurance.

  • Initiate eviction process and follow up if ever necessary.

  • Provide maintenance and repair and follow-up whenever necessary.   
    Manager keeps database of reasonable cost maintenance and repair
    specialists available through Ave Maria Home Services.  

  • Report to owner on a regular basis or whenever owner requests

  • Monitor security of rental.  

  • Record and provide all documentation upon request to owner.

  • Provide reference to legal counsel whenever necessary.  Advise
    concerning Florida Landlord Tenant law.

  • Perform any needed Inspections or perform inspections whenever
    owner requests.

  • Give proper notices to tenant whenever necessary.

  • Perform inspections after tenant moves out and report to owner with
    photographs and advice concerning security deposit.

  • Ensure keys, garage door openers and other items are accounted for.

  • Advise owner when to market property and initiate marketing for new
    tenant (see renting service).