What is the purpose of Ave Maria Complete Home Services?

Transition from Building Development to Community Development.

The concept behind Ave Maria Complete Home Services is to help provide for a need.  The
Ave Maria town project is a greatly inspired concept.  But, it also requires inspiring ways in
which to unite such greatness with the people who will live there.  Any town has a need for
community, and there is no community without people.  We have heard the old saying that
you can lead a horse to water...  Well, one of the motto's of the Ave Maria town project that
we have heard is "Build it and they will come."  That leaves a lot of room for blank spaces,
especially when those spaces are costly.  Nevertheless, people are interested in the
beautiful design, inspiring concept and location in Southwest Florida and they come to visit.
 But, as they start to consider moving, there begins to be an increasing need for
assurance.  Some people hesitate and ask the question, "Is the town going to work?"  
"What are we going to do for employment and how are we going to build community?"  

Ave Maria is not just a residential development.

In Florida it is common to build a residential development and call it Sable Palm or Royal
something; but, in these cases, there is already an established town in which they are
being built.  The town already has its government, its spirit, its economy and other things
characteristic of a town.  People come and buy their dream home in these developments;
but, they don't consider the residential development to be the center of something big.  

Ave Maria is different because it is not just a residential development.  In Ave Maria people
are not just looking for their "dream home," they are looking for their "dream town."  They
are attracted to the concept of a Catholic University and Church at the center.  But, just as
in the case of a "dream home" in which they move in to a newly finished though empty
house that is in need of being lived in and for people to give it character and new
memories, so also in the case of a "dream town" we are given a bare shell to bring about a
unique character, community spirit and a new history.  We must create and decide how we
are going to be a part of its government, its spirit and its economy.  

An important aspect of community development is development of a
community economy.

While providing home services for Ave Maria, we often hear families excited about the
project, though struggling to be able to live there.  If a head of household cannot foresee
his family's financial stability he is not apt to decide to move to Ave Maria no matter how
much he and his family love the concept.  The most common concerns quoted that can
make the difference between moving or not moving to Ave Maria are the following: I need to
sell my home first; is the town actually going to work?; I cannot afford the private school's
tuition; am I going to be able to find a job there?; what about taxes and insurance?  Ave
Maria Home Services seeks to be a part of a solution to these concerns by creating a few
small inroads to a more proximate economic development, which, in turn, serves as a
catalyst to community development.  After all, it is a shame that a lot of people are deciding
not to come to Ave Maria because of financial reasons.  These same people are the ones
who could bless the town the most.  And, it would be undesirable for Ave Maria to turn into
either a University or retirement community with a lesser population of middle class families.

What Ave Maria Home Services seeks to Accomplish

Ave Maria Home Services seeks to help the community service based economy by
ensuring that money spent on homeowner needs is re-invested into the town itself.  It seeks
to help those who live there to be also able to
make a living there.  One way it seeks to
help this cause is by giving a percentage of all its profits to the new private Catholic
Grammar and Preparatory School for applying students who would not otherwise be able to
afford the tuition.  Another way is by giving priority to Ave Maria residents and University
students for those who wish to partner with Ave Maria Home Services in providing real
estate, financial and homeowner services.  It also promotes a Catholic and Christian
approach to doing business which places the virtue of community and family values first.

Ave Maria Home Services does not seek to fill in all the blanks.    Its concept is simply
created to meet a few proximate needs, perhaps create an ice breaker for other
developments in the town to provide the same ethos of community and family values first.  
Perhaps everything will go, business as usual.  The economy, community spirit and
government will just fall into place according to random necessity and mimic the world
around it.  But, it is our hope that Ave Maria will not mimic the prevailing culture.  We want
Ave Maria to live out its great concept and be a great town unlike any other town in history.  
Ave Maria Home Services