Choose one of the following options to fit your
needs for financing a home:
A. I am searching for conventional financing and would be
interested in competitive programs that meet my needs.
B. I am low income and would be interested in subsidized
financing programs that meet my needs.  Contact us for
state and county affordable housing programs.  
1. For a 15% given down payment 2nd mortgage that
does not have to be paid back unless sold or
refinanced.  Florida Housing Finance Corp. SHIP Loan.

2. For subsidized first mortgage with monthly
payments adjusted to meet income level.  USDA Loan

# of Persons in household and qualifying income

1                $39,100.00 per year
2                $44,700.00 per year
3                $50,250.00 per year
4                $55,850.00 per year
5                $60,300.00 per year
6                contact us for info
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C. I am searching for a commercial loan
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  • Provide practical loan counseling.
  • Provide a lower interest rate and closing cost amount overall.
  • Provide a larger selection of loan product choices, and with no application fee.  
  • Donate a percentage of any profit to family and community values charity of the
       borrower's choice.

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Low Income Levels to Qualify:
Naples, FL 34120