I offer to share 1/3 of my commission to anyone
interested in purchasing a home in Ave Maria!
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Receive 1% of Home Purchase Price or Give 11/2% for New School

I offer to share 1/3 of my 3% sales commission when you buy a new home in Ave
Maria; this will return to you 1% of the sales price of any home you purchase; or,
you can choose that I give 1 1/2% of the sales price to the new private Catholic
school in the new town for potential students that would not be able to afford the
tuition otherwise (see  

Possessing a real estate license in the state of Florida permits me to sell Pulte,
Divosta and Del Webb homes and share my commission with the purchaser.  
This assists Pulte, Divosta and Del Webb in their efforts to sell homes.
Note: The
price of the home published by Pulte, Divosta or Del Webb does not change in
either case.

In order to receive this commission share, a potential purchaser must
acknowledge me (James Bohrer) as their sales agent when approaching Pulte,
Divosta or Del Webb to buy a home.  I then accompany the purchaser
throughout the sales process.  

My services as a sales agent:
As your sales agent I help you to analyze any document you must sign and/or
contract you must agree to.  If it is possible to negotiate a price and lot location I
will keep informed and do this for you.  I offer valuable knowledge of state and
local laws.  Legal advice from an actual real estate attorney is available for free
at any time during the process.  If you are out of town I can assist you in
choosing colors and optional upgrades.  I can also help you to determine
whether particular pricing options are reasonable and what options may be
available.  I help you to analyze the investment value based on knowledge of the
local area in relation to the national market.  I let you know when important
deadlines are arriving so as to protect your interests.  I also offer further
expertise in the area of financing, competitive loan programs which include low
income programs available in Florida and Collier County, and a perspective of
someone who sees Ave Maria from a positive point of view of its founder's vision.
What does this mean?....
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Note: The above Buyer's Incentive offer must be acknowledged by the purchaser
before the sale to be valid.  This offer only applies to new construction homes.  
This offer does not apply to bonus commissions.  This offer is not valid if any
separate agreement is made with purchaser in regards to commissions.
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